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Maine: Requiring Private Insurers to Reimburse for Telemedicine
19 Apr 2010 While supportive of the concept of telemedicine , insurance companies in Virginia want more Adding administrative fees to patients' bills
telemedicine - Insurance Glossary
6 May 2008 "We're going to see greater strides in the area of telemedicine with insurance coverage keeping pace with that development," Davidson said.
The Health Care Blog: Wal-Mart launches telemedicine business
7 Apr 2010 The nation's homepage for insurance industry news will be required to cover the cost of telemedicine services starting next year under a
Telemedicine : A State-Based Answer To Health Care In America
10 May 2010 The American Medical Association supports telemedicine insurance coverage their physician for consultation via e-mail for a small fee .
May 06, 2008 - Telemedicine and e-Health News
18 Mar 2010 In January 2010, Maine joined 11 other states in requiring private insurers to reimburse services provided via telemedicine .
Malpractice and Telemedicine Telemedicine Liability: The Uncharted
by J Grigsby - 1998 - Cited by 133 - Related articlesAny fee -for-service reimbursement policy must consider these important Telemedicine technology is also being used to provide home health care in several
Does a mandatory telemedicine call prior to visiting a physician
Other insurers may pay for telemedicine on a fee -for-service basis but they have not been specifically identified as such. For example, the Health Insurance
Aurora-IT.US: Medical Website Design Company Aurora Information
29 Jul 2008 The company will pilot telemedicine through retail clinics in Houston, .... Senior Home Care · Health Insurance Rates · Acupuncture New York
Are the stars aligning for telemedicine's succcess? | Business
by B Darer - 1998 - Cited by 8 - Related articlesPhysicians must pass tests administered by the state and a pay a fee directly .... [60] While the impact of telemedicine on insurance rates is still unclear
Telemedicine : Where It Is and Where It's Going — Ann Intern Med
5 Jan 2010 Private health insurance companies have yet to create separate reimbursements for telemedicine that can cover the cost of equipment and
Telemedicine Altering Practice of Medicine on Medical News Corporate
Telemedicine could revolutionize efforts at cost control, said Goodman. principal obstacles to telemedicine are health insurance companies and government. For a low $35 consultation fee , enrollees can talk to a doctor by phone,
HRSA Telehealth - Telemedicine Reimbursement Report
telemedicine - The transfer and use of medical information via Professional and Management Liability: Exposures and Insurance Coverage (MLIS CE)
Health Care and Telemedicine
Per-visit costs averaged $476 for spokes and $1181 for hubs, Will the malpractice insurance companies cover physicians' telemedicine activities?
Telemedicine .com, Inc. - Frequently Asked Questions
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick Viewby P Whitten - Cited by 18 - Related articlesstore-and-forward telemedicine services, implementing a 75%/25% fee health insurers , more comprehensive private payer insurance company reimbursement is
amednews: Telemedicine coverage now mandated in Virginia :: April
Will insurance cover a Telemedicine visit? Q5. In-person Doctor visit vs. Telemedicine visit The office can still be reimbursed for a facility fee .
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