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Has anyone used the Banfield Wellness Program or other pet
27 Jan 2008 What's next once people die you have to pay for their health insurance for the duration of the contract??? Banfield lost me as a customer
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29 Aug 2007 Banfield employees will also inform you that Wellness Plans are not pet insurance . This is true, though many customers mistake them for such
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Most Banfield pet insurance is referred to as “ Banfield Wellness plans”. They only work at Banfield clinics. There are over 300 Banfield clinics in America.
Banfield Pet Hospital - Do not complain about Banfield Wellness Plans
I will never take him back to Banfield . I called to cancel my Wellness Plan and was told that since I had procedures done(those vaccinations that would
Is anyones dog on Pet smart's wellness insurance plan? Banfield
However, contrary to popular belief, the hospital does not offer traditional veterinary health insurance . Banfield offers several “Optimum Wellness Plans”
Banfield Pet Hospital - Banfield " Wellness Plan" a farce.
24 Mar 2010 These wellness plans that Banfield offers right now provides coverage for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. It is the price conscientious
What You Need To Know About Banfield Pet Insurance
1 Aug 2009 When I first discovered the Wellness Plans at Banfield (formerly Vetsmart), despite the category this is under, are not insurance .
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Give your dog or cat a lifetime of health with Banfield's Pet health care plans. Learn more about Optimum Wellness and to find a local veterinarian hospital Plans for Puppies - Plans for Kittens - Plans for - Cached - Similar Pet Health Care: Veterinary Medical Care Services for Pets - Banfield Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans® are not insurance . Unlike insurance , where you pay for coverage you may never use, Optimum Wellness Plans always provide
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Is anyones dog on Pet smart's wellness insurance plan? Banfield Hospital? Is anyones dog on Pet smart dog from Pet smart. He can have unlimited pet's
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 13 reviewsBe very careful when you get the Banfield Wellness Plan for your beloved pet. .... up. the cost seemed reasonable and i ended up getting pet insurance for
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To make it easier to understand, we've summarized the key differences between Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans and pet insurance plans. - Help with Banfield Hospital Wellness Plan
28 Feb 2010 I purchased insurance for my dog from Pet smart. He can have unlimited pet visits, a discount on shots and much more.
Consumer complaints about Banfield Pet Hospital
11 Sep 2007 I am calling around to vets and the price they charge for a neuter I would not use banfield . My husband is a vet
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3 May 2010 Banfield is not an insurance company, but a membership plan that offers wellness benefits. Members must go to Banfield pet hospitals,
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19 Apr 2008 I will be kind and state that what Banfield stands for is "the business I could care less whether its pet insurance or a wellness plan .
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