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Pools, Dogs, and Homeowners Insurance
16 Mar 2010 ONTARIO, Calif., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- "Asking if your dog is covered under your homeowners insurance policy may be a strange question to
Dogs that could cause homeowners insurance rates to rise
Every dog owner needs to have homeowner insurance or renters insurance that .... If the insurance industry excludes dogs from homeowner policies and won't
Insurance News - Is Your Dog Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance ?
The MSPCA is getting more and more phone calls from people who are denied homeowner's insurance solely because they own a particular breed of dog .
Dog Homeowners Liability Insurance | Dangerous Dog Breed Coverage
A: Homeowners insurance covers most dog bite injuries. Insurance companies are required to investigate each dog bite claim and deal in good faith with the
Breed Specific Homeowner's Insurance
6 Aug 2009 Your dog may be the darling of your household, but in the eyes of your homeowners insurance company, your cuddly critter could be a
10 Dogs That Might Raise Your Homeowner's Insurance
19 Jun 2009 Unfortunately, not all homeowners insurance companies feel the same way. In fact , many of them have place higher premiums on dog owners for
Consumer Reports Money & Shopping Blog: Homeowners insurers don't
Homeowners insurance and Dogs The only way to find out is speak to agents in your List of dog breeds home owner insurance companies will not insure?
Dogs and Homeowners Insurance : Is Fido Causing Your Premium to
Did you know that in most states it is legal for insurance companies to charge Resource Center · Finding Homeowners ' Insurance · Prevent Dog Bites
Homeowner's Insurance for Police Service Dogs
People don't expect homeowner's insurance and dogs to be coupled. But certain breeds of dogs affect homeowner's insurance . In many states an insurance
The Top Ten dog breeds that might raise your homeowners insurance .
WikiAnswers - What homeowners insurance companies do not
Even though they'd like you to think that dog bites make up at least 1/3 of insurance claims, dog bites really make up about 1% of the total insurance
Homeowners Insurance : Will Dogs Affect My Premium? - Financial Web
3 Sep 2003 Many insurers keep a 'bad dog ' list of breeds they say produce costly claims against homeowner policies. Owners of these 11 canines may find
Home Owners Insurance for Dog Owners
23 Feb 2010 Einhorn specialized in dog liability insurance for homeowners . If you're having trouble getting your home insured because your dog is
Homeowners ' Insurance Resource Center
6 Jun 2007 You love your dog and know it would never hurt a fly, however, your homeowners insurance company may not agree with you and increase your
Your Dog's Affect on Your Homeowners Insurance Policy - KOLD News 13
Homeowners insurance providers base your rate on what liability you will be to insure. Having a pool and/or a dog will more than likely increase your
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