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5 Mar 2009 It provides the peace of mind and health care access you need at a price you can afford." (Facebook users, comment on the story below.)
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Tales of people with insurance , people without, those who are ill, those who are not. Personal stories from patients, doctors, and activists.
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These stories put a human face on the health care crisis. Find stories near you, recommend stories .... I am so saddened by the stories I have read here.
A sad hysterectomy story >> Medical Questions, Weight Loss
13 Aug 2009 Billy Mays for Health Insurance is like George Bush for higher education. Per your story please be advised Robin Motola, one of the nurses suing Las Encinas Won't be sad to see the end of ALL his commercials!
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11 Nov 2007 Read the story and see a video and portrait gallery. .... Why? Read Canadian/ British papers to see tragedy of their sad health care.
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15 Feb 2010 Listen to the Story . Morning Edition. [4 min 27 sec] "We called this responsible national health insurance ," says Pauly. "I think it's a sad testament to the state of relations among the parties that they've
Republicans Spurn Once-Favored Health Mandate : NPR
Health insurance stories hit the news every day. People are denied coverage— fairly or not—and must struggle to pay medical expenses on their own.
To Make a Point About Skyrocketing Health Insurance Premiums - Similar A sad hysterectomy story >> Medical Questions, Weight Loss 4 posts - Last post: 4 Dec 2008My mom was in her mid forties when she was found a cyst on her ovary. At the time, she wasn't even started perimenopause.
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5 Sep 2007 Her experience made me loathe health insurance companies. .... Even so, I read the stories over at FDL, and I am sad , maybe grateful,
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24 Aug 2009 Exacerbating this sad state of affairs in the health INSURANCE (not ..... comment section of a health care story at the Strib I can find.
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Life & Health Insurance Foundation for Education View the full story . With two young children, Frank and Laura Ames knew life insurance was a must.
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11 Apr 2008 Instead of being a story about health care, it became a story about the It was particularly sad to see a number of Obama supporters
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What's it like to live without health insurance ? And can you get affordable care without it? Story Published: May 13, 2010 at 10:53 PM MDT "It's sad when you have to sit and as a man not being able to support your wife.
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1 Feb 2010 I've heard some tragic stories . This is for them, too. the current 'employer based' health insurance system was not sustainable. But it's sad that people feel it won't happen to them and why should they pay.
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17 Jun 2010 This is a sad time for America. Makes me weep. Reply to this .... I have never in my life been without health insurance .
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