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Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog! Go!: Americans Love Public Health Insurance
31 Jul 2009 The polling numbers on health care reform come as Obama's approval rating And Robert Gibbs? He can go crawl under a rock and stay there.
Robert Creamer: Top 10 Reasons Why Voting Yes on Health Care
Majority of Americans Want Health Insurance Choice: Poll . Crossing state lines to get cheaper rates now illegal. By Robert Longley, Guide
Obama Healthcare Law Polling Numbers Improving - Robert
4 Nov 2009 Robert J. Blendon, Sc.D., and John M. Benson, MA Congressional leaders and President Barack Recent Opinion Polls on Health Care Reform*
General election 2010 polling day live blog - Thursday 6 May
28 Sep 2009 Poll : Support for Government Health Insurance Declines a Bit ROBERT SAMUELSON: Health Care As An Exercise in Ego Gratification: What's
Big money losers: PG&E and Mercury Insurance initiatives
15 Sep 2009 A new poll shows that doctors are among the biggest supporters in the and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a health care
The American Public and the Next Phase of the Health Care Reform
1 Sep 2009 We asked three experts on health care pollingRobert Blendon of the Harvard School of Public Health, Eric Nielsen, the senior director for
AP-GfK poll : Public support for health care law at highest point
9 Jun 2010 Robert Salladay. GOP race for Insurance Commissioner tight .... The AP reports: " Poll worker Keta Hodgson says a scanning machine rejected
Today's Poll : Should Congress vote to extend unemployment benefits
6 May 2010 The narrative centred on national insurance contributions, .... there is no sign of the far-right party's London organiser, Bob Bailey,
Serving the Medical-Industrial Complex -
28 Apr 2010 Did Baghdad Bob Conduct Oliverio's Poll ? Remember Baghdad Bob during the Iraq .... MEGA Life & Health Insurance MidAmerican Energy Company
Poll : Mixed feelings on kids' health insurance -
14 Feb 2008 Those who currently have health insurance are divided on whether socialized The survey design team includes Professor Robert Blendon,
PolitiFact | Private insurance plans say public has 'strong
17 Nov 2009 But 72 percent of people polled said insurance companies made too much made possible by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,
Poll : Doctors Among Public Option's Biggest Fans : NPR
28 Sep 2009 health insurance overhaul has slipped over the past year, a new poll and that is a lesson for Washington,'' said Robert J. Blendon,
Poll : Confidence in Health Care Dwindling - CBS News
14 Sep 2009 Physician Views on the Public Health Insurance Option and Medicare Expansions By : Keyhani S, Federman A and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Poll suggests support for taxing rich on health care | Health
17 Jun 2010 November 17th, 2009 Methodology for AP poll on health care and taxesThe poll on health care , by Stanford University with the Robert Wood
Poll : Support for Government Health Insurance Declines a Bit - The
22 Jun 2009 According to a New York Times/CBS poll , that point is obvious to 72 To add another windfall for the insurance industry, Congress may compel the Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories in the 1980s for
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