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6 Jul 2010 Living without health insurance is a risk no one should have to take. Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota , Mississippi, Missouri talks about the new health care law that will help the millions of uninsured .
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9 Jun 2010 Nearly 133000 previously uninsured Minnesota adults would be covered past decade in Minnesota , employer-based health care insurance has
The Affordable Care Act: Immediate Benefits for Minnesota
13 Aug 2008 In fact, most of Minnesota's uninsured are working — 71.3 ..... It's time to take the insurance industry out of health care and put a single
Minnesota Reports Rise in Rate of Uninsured |
9 Feb 2010 The overall population of uninsured in Minnesota has increased by more A public option is not included in the current health insurance
Health Coverage & Uninsured - Minnesota - Kaiser State Health Facts
27 Jul 2006 The cost of covering Minnesota's uninsured people (feature audio) More from MPR. Health insurance costs slow in 2005. July 25, 2006
New study finds more Minnesotans lack health insurance - Academic
9 Feb 2010 Minnesota Reports Rise in Rate of Uninsured . Less than 60 percent of Minnesotans had health insurance through an employer in 2009,
Medicaid expansion a good deal for uninsured , state budgets
5 Feb 2010 Health Department officials noted that more than two thirds of the uninsured Minnesotans are potentially eligible for public insurance
The cost of covering Minnesota's uninsured people | Minnesota
15 Mar 2010 Health care analysts say the initiatives show promise and help of Minnesota who evaluates state aid for the uninsured . It doesn't offer insurance , so the state's minimum benefit rules for insurers do not apply.
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23 Nov 2009 Opposition to health care reform in those districts stems from the fact in southern Minnesota had lower public insurance and uninsured
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick ViewThere are many state and local health care initiatives and government programs in Minnesota providing the uninsured with access to health care services,
Despite district's high rate of uninsured , Peterson voted against
5 Feb 2010 “The economic recession has had a clear impact on health insurance access and affordability,” said Minnesota Commissioner of Health Sanne
Minnesota 2020 -- Minnesota Can Lead In Health Care Innovation
Health Coverage & Uninsured - Minnesota - Table. Persons in poverty are defined here as those living in " health insurance units" with incomes less than
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Health Insurance Coverage in Minnesota , Early Results from the 2009 Minnesota Health Access to Care and Health Status Among Uninsured Minnesotans,
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The following information details health insurance and assistance programs available to uninsured people in Minnesota . Minnesota Department of Commerce
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Minnesota Can Lead In Health Care Innovation - If We Have the Will Here in Minnesota , the number of uninsured increased from 7.9 percent in 2005 to 9.2
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